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Mega Wars III The Rebirth

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Welcome to Mega Wars III, the Rebirth! Mega Wars III, the Rebirth is a browser based multiplayer, strategic empire building space game. It is a reincarnation of Mega Wars 3 played on CompuServe and Stellar Emperor played on GEnie in the 1980’s. David Baity is recreating the unique experience that many, many people enjoyed then and cannot find in today’s MMORP games!

It is told that in an ancient war, Earth was destroyed and ruminants of the human race established colonies on distant planets. There was little contact for many years but as the colonies grew and moved back out into the galaxy, they encountered each other and fierce battles took place for control of galactic resources.

In order to end the bloodshed, a loosely organized political system was set up. Leaders of the various colonies met and established criteria on how political power would be wielded. These leaders became members of the Imperial Senate and were evaluated every cycle at to their combat skill and economic prowess. Senators rose and fell but every cycle the Senator with the highest points would become President and because it took strength to maintain order, the leader of the most powerful alliance would be crowned Emperor or Empress of the Galaxy.

As a Senator and want to be Emperor, take command of your very own scout ship, provided by the Imperial Senate. Test your mettle in real time combat against other pilots. Establish colonies and protect them by establishing alliances with other Senators. Manage your colonial economies to grow your empire and provide resources for expansion. Build ship yards and upgrade your ship to a Dreadnaught to become one of the most feared pilots in the galaxy.

The history of the game can be found here.

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